Management Team

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GHD's management structure is underpinned by the Executive Management Group (EMG), a team of senior executives empowered by the GHD board to plan, manage and lead our business.

Committed and connected approach

The EMG aims to provide supportive leadership to encourage a client-service led culture that is driven by a connected global network of professionals. Each month, the EMG meets in a different location across GHD’s operations, which enables our people and leaders to collaborate effectively towards a common purpose.

Specifically, the EMG is responsible for:

  • Implementing strategy
  • Business performance management
  • Systems, processes and policies
  • People, culture and values
  • Succession, leadership development
  • Business plans and budget

Management Team

The EMG is comprised of:

Ashley Wright

Ashley Wright, Chief Executive Officer

David Beech Jones, General Manager People

David Beech Jones, General Manager People

Phil Bradley

Phillip Bradley, General Manager Finance/Group CFO

Phil Duthie

Phil Duthie, General Manager Australia

Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper, Chief Information Officer

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram, General Manager UK/ME

Steve Quigley

Steve Quigley, General Manager North America

GHD Library

The GHD library is a collection of relevant resources.